New Temple Maha Kumbabishekam Photos and Temple notices

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami arrives

Satguru at the festivities...

Kumba water ready to be poured on the top kalasam

Slokams chanted at the top kalasam

Deepam for the top kalasam

Pooja for the top kalasam

Pooja for the kalasams for the side mandapams

Our chief God getting ready, awaiting the Maha kumbams to arrive...

The maha kumbams have arrived, the power is transferred from them to the Lord

Witness the Mahaa Kumbaabishekam

Cow visit and Go pooja on the previous day

All Dressed up

Close up


The dwara palakars (Gods guarding the entrance to the Lord's shrine)

Close up of Lord Ganesha's face

Fully dressed up in Chandhana Alankaaram

Evening alankaaram

Close up

Pooja completed, ready to bless devotees

Maha Kumbabishekam notice: