About Sri Ganesh Temple Society of British Columbia

Sri Ganesh Temple Society of British Columbia

3525 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 4C5 (Click to see Map)

Phone: 604-879-3505

"The first unique place of worship in Vancouver, B.C exclusively for the God of knowledge, wisdom & wealth"

The Society

a registered charity, was incorporated in 1999 by a group of intellects and well-wishers to satisfy the spiritual needs of the devotees of Lord Ganesha in British Columbia. Today, the Sri Ganesh Temple Society is home to the Sri Ganesh Deity, which was donated by the Late Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamy, founder of the Kauai Hindu Monastery, a traditional South-Indian style monastery-temple complex on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii and the Theological Seminary for Saiva Siddhanta Church.

Our Vision for the Sri Ganesh Temple Society

Our vision is to create a ‘meeting place’ for the thousands of Hindu families that live in B.C and Canada, so they can be in a surrounding that provides exceptional spiritual, cultural, educational and social programs and services. As Lord Ganesha transcends the various religious believes, we envision building a temple that reflects our traditional values to provide a larger place of worship than the one we have at present.

Where are we now?

At present, the Sri Ganesh Temple Society provides a place of worship in Vancouver where devotees say prayers to Lord Ganesha on a regular basis. Special prayers and religious activities are also held on a monthly basis to celebrate certain holidays of Hindus. The prayer hall facility is free and open to all devotees of Lord Ganesha, and the Society has a paid voluntary membership of around 100 family, adult & youth devotees. The members of the Society have also been actively engaged in community service initiatives such as The Tsunami Fundraising, Food Bank Collection Drives, and most recently the Sunday Meal for the homeless at the Living Room Centre in Vancouver.

The Society’s revenues are generated primarily through fundraising activities, however, donations from devotees and well wishers, continues to grow at a steady rate. 2006 Revenues of the society totalled $73,147, compared to the Revenues of $23,885 in 2004, when the present temple premise was purchased. At the end of 2006, the Society’s Net Assets stood at $257,546, which includes unamortised land and buildings that are recorded at cost, and not at market value.

Where do we want to be in 2015?

We envision building a centre that will provide the necessary facilities for the following activities for the devotees of Sri Ganesha.

    • Meditation, spiritual and recreational activities for Children, Youth & Adults

    • Spiritual &Health Learning and respite for Seniors

    • A Library with multi-media learning for the young and the old

    • Temple, Congregation Hall & Housing for Deities and a Priest’s Residence

    • Weddings & Events Hall with Kitchen & Food Service Areas

    • Car Park & Garden

Offices, Rest Rooms & a storage area

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May the blessings of Sri Ganesha be upon all of us! May He remove all obstacles that stand in our spiritual path! May He bestow on us all prosperity as well as liberation!