Sri Ganesh Temple - New Temple Construction Updates

"First place of worship in Vancouver, BC, Canada exclusively for Lord Sri Ganesha,

the God of knowledge, wisdom & wealth being built as per

traditional hindu aagama sastras"

Latest pictures of temple construction and installation of

Lord Sri Ganesh at the new temple site:

November 13, 2012

Front View

Front Entrance door

Inside Sanctum

Sanctum Closeup view

Side view 1

Side view 2

Side shrines

Vyravar shrine

Street view from inside

October 1, 2012

The vertical columns at front entrance installed. Needs painting for final finish

Stairs leading to upstairs after laminate flooring installed

Birds Eye View - Front Entrance Area ready to recieve "Kolam"

September 15, 2012

Front glass door installed

View through the front door

August 31, 2012

Kalasams above Front door entrance

Main Kalasam

Main Kalasam other side view

Foot wash and Drinking water

Wheel-chair access

Front-door steps tilework

June 29, 2012

Interior – Floor Tile and Wall Tile Work Underway

May 25, 2012

Front entrance

North side

South side




March 5, 2012

Front finish, short wall & Signage/Emblem

'Kalasam' placed on top of a new copper dome to make it more visible from outside

Granite Stone Placement on the front

Dry wall installation inside the dome

Floor, Wall finishes inside

Temple entrance (inside view)

Feb 17, 2012

“Kalasam” has been installed at the top of dome

Drywall installation inside is nearing completion

Granite Stone placement in the front is ongoing

Feb 1, 2012

Front Canopy being prepared for Metal Finish

Preparation for Granite Stone Placement in the front area underway

Metal finish of the Dome is complete

Inside drywall installation underway

Jan 12, 2012

Hardie Stone Placement on the exterior walls is progressing well

Insulation placement inside is progressing well

Windows below the dome structure have been installed

Dec 16 2011

Tubes for carrying hot water as part of the slab heating system installed

Inside floor has been poured

Preparation underway for Hardie Stone placement (siding)

for the exterior walls on the side and the back

Oct 31 2011 Inside Mandapam

Oct 5 2011 Sayana Pooja

Sept 15 2011 Lord Sri Ganesh Arrival

Jala Vaasam (Immersion in Water)

Aug 27 2011 Temple inside structure getting ready

June 19 Sangu pooja, installation in base

March 16 2011 construction foundation done